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The second amendment is sexy!


Being a USAF Vet myself, I love my right to to keep and bear Arms. I love guns and find them to be so beautiful if used properly. When used poorly it truly breaks my heart!

With that said, I 100% respect everyone’s opinion on the subject and I value the fact that we all have the freedom to have our opinions. I truly just have a HUGE PASSION for pampering women of all milestones and walks of life to show them the beauty we all constantly overlook. When anyone want to bring their guns into the studio for a session, it is required to bring it with an empty mag and absolutely NO AMO in the studio AT ALL. I will check and clear each gun before it enters my door. My studio is a safe place to have fun and be pampered and I will not ever jeopardize that.

If you or someone you know LOVES their gun enough to incorporate it into a session, I would love an introduction!

If you are interested in my more popular boudoir styled sessions, you will be welcomed with open arms, champagne in hand and you better be ready to party.

Chelsey Dorr - PDX Boudoir Photographer

Hi, I’m Chelsey Dorr! I’ve been a boudoir photographer for six years and there’s nothing I love more than seeing shy, timid women transform in front of the camera and leave the studio confident, empowered, and ready to take on the world. Ready to celebrate yourself? Book your boudoir photography shoot today!


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