Get sexy... conservatively

Prepare to be empowered.

Whether you’re here to celebrate a special occasion, give a gift to someone special, or here just for the fun of it(we're in Vegas, after all), you’re in for the biggest confidence booster of your life and an unforgettable experience.

Chelsea Dorr Boudoir photography in Portland, Oregon

How   this  works:

Chelsea Dorr Boudoir
Chelsea Dorr Boudoir

Book your Session

Book your session right here,and select the day and time for your shoot so you can get ready to get pampered!


Wardrobe Consultation

We’ll go over your attire for your shoot, what will look best on you based on your personal style, and what vibe or theme you’re going for during your session.

Remember, you get to decide how conservative or sexy you want to be, it’s all about your comfort level–each session is unique FOR YOU.


Your Boudoir Session

Come as you are, leave glammed up and ready to hit the town!

Plan for a pamper-filled day of having your hair and makeup professionally done once you arrive, along with plenty of champagne to drink, music, and laughter through the entire 2.5-hour experience!

And don’t worry if you have no idea how to pose – you’ll have help with posing throughout the entire photoshoot. You will be walking out with more confidence than you dreamed.


Viewing Session

The fun isn't over yet. After your photography session, you’ll come back to my studio to choose your favorite images.

There you can order your albums, wall art, photo boxes, or even a Viewmaster to be reminded of your shoot (and your beauty) for years to come!

This is not just another photo shoot.

This is a confidence-building, girls' day out experience that you not only need, but deserve.

The investment: $399
for individual photography sessions

Photo collections are sold separately and range from $499-$3,599.

Everyone has the ability to be a bombshell

Chelsea Dorr Boudoir

You may be wondering...

Chelsea Dorr Boudoir

A: I 100% understand that this is outside your comfort zone! But because of this, I promise it’s an experience you need and will never forget. During your shoot, you get to decide how much to reveal… or not! Wanna be in jeans and a tank top? Beautiful! Wanna be in a bra/panty set? Perfect! Want to be topless? That’s up to you! I am here to help you build confidence in yourself, and that can happen with or without clothing. This experience is about YOU and NOT about what you are wearing. Check out my portfolio to get ideas for your shoot!

Group Photography Sessions

Group Photography Sessions

Bachelorette parties, Girls' Day Out, Birthday Parties, oh my!

Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party, girls' day out, birthday party, or some other event, if you have a group of 3 or more, we can create a group photo package that’s right for you!

Prices start at $249 per person.


Download our Ultimate Boudoir Styling Guide!