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Not Your Typical Portland, Oregon Boudoir Photographer | Chelsey Dorr Boudoir Photography

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Thinking about booking a boudoir session?  Your session is an experience and your photos are an investment!  It’s worth taking the time to find the right Portland, Oregon boudoir photographer for your session.  Someone who knows lighting, posing, and relates to her clients.   

Allow me to introduce myself,  I’m Chelsey Dorr, a Portland, Oregon Boudoir Photographer!

Getting to know me

I’m married to the love of my life and we have 2 beautiful & very independent daughters. I have been a Portland, Oregon boudoir photographer since 2016 but was modeling boudoir photography for 4 years prior. My passion is to help women uncover a new level of confidence in themselves. I am tired of social media causing us to hate our true image by only showing the best of someone’s life, never showing the real struggle, AND always putting “beauty” filters on us that are NOT REALISTIC!

We are brainwashed to think that these filters are “perfection” and that unless we can live up to these filters when we look in a mirror, then we are ugly and not enough! IT IS NOT OK! I am here to help you love yourself JUST THE WAY GOD MADE YOU! PERFECTLY YOU! 


I’m so glad you’re here and considering booking a session with me.  I specialize in the #1 confidence-building experience through boudoir photography.  


I put my heart and soul into my work.  I’m not your typical business owner or Portland, Oregon boudoir photographer.


My clients are my friends

First off, I know this is most likely out of your comfort zone but I am far from intimidating, as I am a bubbly 4’11” female!  In fact, not only am I not intimidating, I love my clients and consider them friends.  I can assure you, I will always be your friend first and THEN your Portland boudoir photographer.  

Friends, 4 women in black robes pillow fighting

PDX Bachelorette party with Chelsey Dorr Boudoir Photography

PDX Bachelorette party with Chelsey Dorr Boudoir Photography

Let’s spice things up a bit with a controversial twist ;)

Not only am I a Portland, Oregon boudoir photographer, I’m a United States Air Force Veteran and love my right to keep and bear arms.  I know, I know, this is a strange combo in the Portland area.

I also know this is a super controversial topic, so I’m respectful of everyone’s opinion on the subject.  With that being said, incorporating your riffle or handgun into your session is always welcome.  Of course, I have a few guidelines for this type of shoot.  

There is absolutely NO AMMUNITION IN THE STUDIO! I will clear your weapon at the door to ensure that it is not loaded and that there is no ammo in the case at all. Please make sure to keep all of your ammunition at home or in the car because if the gun is loaded, I will refuse all weapons at this time due to negligence.

Your safety and my staff’s safety is my #1 priority and there is NO grey area or oopsies here.

Portland, Oregon Boudoir Photographer / Boudoir image of Veteran woman holding a riffle

Women veterans of Portland Oregon.

Your #1 Portland Oregon Boudoir Photographer who Boost self-esteem

I know most of us struggle with self-confidence.  I connect with those who don’t enjoy having their photo taken.  What changed my opinion was having my own boudoir photos taken. My session was so eye-opening and empowering that I now have my own boudoir taken every 4-5 months. I am horrible to myself when I look in the mirror BUT I am so much nicer to my image after having my boudoir done. True story!  


Believe me, as a Portland boudoir photographer, I understand that we all need a self-esteem boost from time to time!  These photos have really given me the confidence I needed.  

You are beautiful just as you are

We are born to stand out, not fit into a mold.  All women are beautiful regardless of shape or size!  Our passion is to pamper and show women the beauty we all constantly overlook.  


As your Portland, Oregon boudoir photographer, my team and I want to help you uncover a new level of confidence you didn’t even know you had.  

My promise to you 

You’ll have the experience of a lifetime and have photos you can cherish forever!  We would love it if you chose us to be your Portland, Oregon boudoir photographer!  We can’t wait to get to know you and show you how beautiful you are!  


Ready to book?


Great! Check out my schedule here. :) 

If you want to chat BEFORE booking, we are always available through email at


We can’t wait to photograph you!


Chelsey Dorr - PDX Boudoir Photographer

Hi, I’m Chelsey Dorr! I’ve been a boudoir photographer for six years and there’s nothing I love more than seeing shy, timid women transform in front of the camera and leave the studio confident, empowered, and ready to take on the world. Ready to celebrate yourself? Book your boudoir photography shoot today!


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