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BOGO Boudoir celebration sale with Chelsey Dorr Boudoir in DFW, TX and Portland, OR

Woman laying on white bed in bra and panties for boudoir photoshoot // Photo by Chelsey Dorr Boudoir of Fort Worth, Texas.

We have expanded!! 🙂 I never in a million years thought that I would own a business that made such a huge impact in people’s lives. I have always had a huge passion for helping others around me, especially women. We women have to stick together and lift each other up at all times. I felt that if I wasn’t doing this, I wasn’t living. Who knew that one day I would own a business that gets to help women uncover a new level of confidence in themselves AND grow by adding more team members, opening up a second studio in another state, and being able to help more women throughout the US?!?! 🙂 IT’S TIME WE CELEBRATE with a bogo boudoir celebration sale!!

BOGO boudoir celebration details for DFW boudoir & PDX boudoir:

We have added a second studio location to the Chelsey Dorr Boudoir brand.

Dallas Fort Worth Texas, we are SO EXCITED TO BE HERE! Portland Oregon is where I birthed this baby (and my 2 real babies) so of course this special is for both locations.

Now we want to celebrate having TWO locations so why not offer you TWO sessions for the price of one? BOGO!!!

  • $399 session fee
  • Buy one session and get a second for FREE. Share with a friend or keep it for yourself.
  • Available for remaining 2023 dates only  BOOK NOW BEFORE THEY ARE GONE
  • Book now – DFW Boudoir  or  – PDX Boudoir


Woman laying on a white bed in black lingerie // Photo by Chelsey Dorr Studios of Portland, Oregon.

Boudoir doesn’t have to be for anyone but YOU! You deserve to feel like the Goddess you are!

What does this all mean?

Celebrating our growth means more fun & savings for you and a BFF. Those who get their session on the books now through December 31, 2023 get to take advantage of our buy one get one boudoir session. The entire ultimate boudoir experience includes a styling and wardrobe consultation, professional hair and make-up, multiple outfit changes, and a boutique ordering experience.

Even better – you can refer as many friends as you wish and earn print credits to your hearts desire! Yes, girl. That means if you refer a woman who books with me, you will earn $75 off your image purchase for EVERY REFERRAL. You can stack up as many referral credits as you want to use at one time. There is no limit. Just book your appointment now before all 2023 session dates are full.

I would love to say that this BOGO BOUDOIR CELEBRATION sale is good through the end of October BUT I know that the remaining 2023 dates are going to be gone within the week. So I will leave the special running the full month but just know, once they are gone, they are gone.


Do I need to share my BOGO boudoir celebration with a friend?

No. You can absolutely keep both sessions for yourself. I personally have my own boudoir photos taken every 4-5 months for a much-needed confidence boost so this is a perfect way to save. We simply ask that you secure your first session date in 2023 and your second (free session) can be used within the next 6 months.

Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir BOGO

Portland Boudoir BOGO 


How much is the initial booking fee?

The price to schedule your session is $399. This covers professional hair & makeup, wardrobe consultation, personal shopper, and of course your photographer’s time and talent to plan, shoot, style, edit, and design your albums. Photography products are additional and range from $499-$3599.



woman in teddy lingerie with cowboy hat and boots // Photo by Chelsey Dorr Studios of Fort Worth, Texas.

Dallas Fort Worth boudoir has been born! How will you celebrate?


When do I place my print order?

Just like any other boudoir photo shoot with us, you will place your order during your post-shoot viewing session. We only want you to purchase what you love, so each and every client will get to view their images and pick their favorites before placing their final order. For more information on what to expect from your boudoir experience, you can download a copy of our boudoir guide.


How do I book my BOGO boudoir celebration shoot?

Visit our booking page to see our most up to date availability.

Portland Oregon Boudoir Session or Dallas Fort Worth Boudoir Session.

You can secure your date completely online. Once you’ve secured your appointment date and time, you will instantly receive a confirmation email with a CODE to use to secure the second free session date. If for any reason you do not see this email confirmation or code, please email me right away and I will help you lock in your BFF’s date choice before it’s gone. If you are hoping to do a back-to-back session with your BFF and you are not seeing a date with two slots together, please also contact me right away so that I can see if there is any wiggle room to make it happen for you. My email is

Do this for YOU or for a loved one. Life is short, do the photoshoot!

I hate to say this so early but….. Christmas really is just around the corner and I have ZERO December dates left. So if you want photos for Christmas, you need to get in for October or November ASAP! If you missed out on getting your significant other the most jaw-dropping unexpected gift last year, do yourself a favor and schedule your shoot right now! You can thank me later. Not just because you’ll get to see his jaw hit the floor Christmas morning. But, because booking your shoot today means extra savings for you!

Chelsey Dorr - PDX Boudoir Photographer

Hi, I’m Chelsey Dorr! I’ve been a boudoir photographer for six years and there’s nothing I love more than seeing shy, timid women transform in front of the camera and leave the studio confident, empowered, and ready to take on the world. Ready to celebrate yourself? Book your boudoir photography shoot today!


Download our Ultimate Boudoir Styling Guide!



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