Do you know what shapes and colors look best on your body type, hair & skin tone? Does lingerie confuse you? That is where I come in. I LOVE lingerie and because I have been a boudoir photographer for 4+ years I have learned many tips and tricks on what looks best. Every single boudoir […]

Wedding night wardrobe

A few weeks ago, I had a woman email me. She had been interested in boudoir for a while, but she was so lost on what to wear for a boudoir session.    We chatted back and forth for a bit, and I mentioned that every client receives a complimentary wardrobe consultation. Along with this, I […]

What to Wear for a Boudoir Session in Portland, OR

Flannel button up shirt / woman in lingerie laying on white bed / Portland Boudoir - What to Wear for a Boudoir Session in Portland, OR // Photo by Chelsey Dorr of Portland, Oregan. See more at

One of the most asked questions I get is all about boudoir prep.  And that’s with good reason. Most of you aren’t professional models. How would you know what to bring or how to get ready for your upcoming boudoir session? I’m glad you’re worried about what to bring and how to prep for your session […]


But 2021 doesn’t have to! Let’s celebrate the new year with a SALE! There is a chance we met last January at the Portland Bridal Show where everything was fun and exciting and everything was going right!! You were connecting with all the perfect vendors for your perfect wedding to your best friend!AND THEN COVID HIT! […]

Being a BRIDE in 2020 sucked!

Being a USAF Vet myself, I love my right to to keep and bear Arms. I love guns and find them to be so beautiful if used properly. When used poorly it truly breaks my heart! With that said, I 100% respect everyone’s opinion on the subject and I value the fact that we all […]

Yes I am a PDX boudoir photographer & Yes I think the second amendment is sexy!

Boudoir is not just lingerie and lace things. WHAT??!! Yes I said it. Boudoir can be as showy or as conservative as you wish. You do not have to bare it all to feel sexy and have an amazing experience. Chelsey Dorr Photography will be there every step of the way and help you to […]

Confidence is sexy; you don’t have to bare it all

I personally can connect with those of you who struggle with self esteem issues. I know first hand how hard we are on ourselves when our jeans don’t button without sucking in or jumping up and down first. I also can connect with those who do not enjoy having their photo taken. But I can […]

How boudoir can change the way you look at yourself